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Who are we?


I am an artist who is being proud of the United States of America, and appreciative of the sacrifices made by our country’s soldiers to assure our freedom. I appreciate all the people who fought and fight to this day. I appreciate them for fighting for our country so we can all be free.


What's the mission of our non-profit organization?



Our mission is to create Memories, to remember and honor by Giving Something to Those Who Gave. To serve those who served our country, to preserve the history of veterans by offering their portraits and by cataloging as many interviews as we can where any story is heard without judgment and hearts are healed. This would show our veterans that they do have a voice and that their contribution was significant. This would allow us to remember their service. One-thousand eight-hundred veterans die each day (“Cemeteries see record for veteran burials”).


Many of their stories might never be recorded if the country remains idle. Art to Thank also promotes art classes at no cost to our veterans. All veterans deserve our respect. We need to thank all of them for keeping our freedom.



Why should you care?


Who are veterans? A veteran is someone who has served or is serving in any branch of the armed forces for any amount of time. They could be actively deployed, between deployments or honorably discharged. This is just a definition. The reality is veterans are brave and honorable souls who are among the living and dead, that fought these wars, to whom we should stand up and say “THANK YOU’’ for protecting our country, letting us know that we’re safe, and giving us freedom.



Want to get involved?


America is currently in a recession; not everyone can give a monetary donation, but you can still help others without taking a toll on your own family. We are looking for artists who want to donate their time and talent to paint more portraits. We are looking for volunteers who can help us to catalogue as many stories as possible.


One of our goals is to spread our movement across America. Please contact us if you are a veteran, wounded warrior or a family member of those above or deceased soldier.



There are so many simple gestures that our community and each one of us could make to show veterans how much we appreciate their sacrifice. We need to explore as many ways as possible of expressing our thanks so that none of them feels their time and energy were wasted.

We as a community have the potential to make this veteran feel appreciated. We could give so much by sacrificing very little of our time and resources. If all of these methods are put into place, the lives of our veterans could be greatly improved.

Get Involved

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."  -Arthur Ashe

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